Iran’s trade unions publish their International Messenger! UNION MESSENGER No.2, July 2014 is published.


In this issue:

– Greetings to the Brave Reza Shahabi and Courageous Union of Tehran Transit Workers! Page 1

– Tehran Transit Workers Union (VAHED):
– Stop Reza Shahabi’s Persecution and End his Inhuman Conditions! Page 1

– Strong-arming labour activists for what purpose? Page 2

– A report to the periodical meeting of Autoworkers Unions in Spain page 3

– General Secretary of ITUC writes to Iranian President Page 3

– Iran’s Teachers Union Leader Addresses International Conference of Teachers Page 4

– Message of the Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran Reaches to ILO Page 4

– About “Payam-e Sandica” Page 5

– Statement of UMMI:
– Stop the War and Killing of Women, Children and Working People in Gaza! Page 5


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