Editorial- Message of Syndicate

With the ending of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and 5+1 there has been an unprecedented increase in attacks on labour and civic activists. As we had anticipated the subject of [Iranian] cheap labour was part of the agreement in these negotiations.

Lets carefully note the following statement by the Deputy Minister of Labour, Hassan Tayee, speaking to ISNA news agency (21st August 2015): “in the post Nuclear Deal and Economic Sanctions era (following the agreement with 5+1) ….we must prepare a package that assists Iran’s economy to acquire the necessary readiness for presence in the global economy…. troublesome regulations must…..be eliminated or reformed. …..the workforce need to realise that the era of permanent employment is over.”   These challenges to the working class are not without a reason. The global capitalism demands cheap labour in order to invest in Iran.  


The workers trade unions and their activists will be a thorn in the eyes of capitalism, therefore the trade union movement and its activists must be chained or eliminated. The smell of oil and immense wealth of Iran has made the global capitalism and the IMF drunk. It is interesting that in the heat of the quarrel between White House and Congress and also the squabble between our own Parliament and Government [over acceptance or rejection of Iran’s Nuclear deal], the research department of the US congress stated: Iran’s oil and gas industry would require 145 billion dollars of investment up to 2020 and this is considered as an important opportunity for the US companies.


Iranian working people and activists should be aware.  We are no longer dealing with the kind of ‘nouveau riche’ mercantile, such as Babak Zanjani [famous Iranian oil mogul exposed two years ago being responsible for tens of billions of dollars corrupt deals]. We are now attacked by new kinds of weathered wolves that the Ministers of Labour and Industry are novice compared to them.  We must strengthen ourselves, mobilise our forces and expose these anti-workers plots and inform all workers as much as possible.


We will be strong when our ideas have penetrated among the workers. It is no coincident that the Mercedes Benz and BMW turn up in Ghazvin (major industrial city in Ventral Iran). Corporations such as Shell, Halliburton and Schlumberger are well aware that in the Special Economic Zones of our country the Labour Law is not worth the paper it is written on; therefore they are coming for investment with assurance. Contrary to what is being advertised, these corporations are not coming to revive our industries and economy but they are coming to raid all our oil and gas.


Capitalism that emerges now in Iran has imperialistic characteristic and is pushing Iran into flames of the war via the wars in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan. The incident in Mina [during 2015 pilgrim] can become an excuse for war [between Iran and Saudi Arabia].


ISIS (Daesh) is selling oil to Turkey for $20 a barrel to ensure its own survival and in order for Turkey to provide ISIS with the means to drive the region towards war and / or occupation.  The workers in the oil refineries of Mosul [city in Iraq] that are toiling like slaves have a short rest period in ISIS’s [labour] camps to prepare them for a 16 hours working day.  Any worker that is incapacitated by hard labour must be killed as he is no longer of any value. Imperialism wants to snatch our oil wealth, our manual and intellectual power through negotiation or via forces such as ISIS with no ifs or buts.


Friends / workers be aware, any divisive machination will not be spoken by us. The workers and especially the trade unions work for unity of the working class. We say again that capitalists regardless of whether they are from Iran or outside want us as cheap and tamed slaves. We have no option but to unite to bring about a better world for our children.


Editorial Board of the Message of Syndicate

October 2015




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