UMMI’s Letter to their US Steelworker Counterparts

Dear US Steelworker Comrades

In recent months and weeks, the US administration has adopted a dangerous approach and policy in relation to our country.  By leaving the JCPOA agreement, which had global backing and had been endorsed by the UN Security Council, as well as the resumption of economic, financial and banking sanctions on Iran, the Trump administration have engineered extremely difficult conditions for the working people of Iran and created a hugely threatening situation in the Middle East.  President Trump is trying to impose his adventurous policies in favor of a tiny number of people in the United States and the global capitalist system.

These sanctions constitute not only a silent war against the workers and the families of the working people in Iran, but also weaken the people’s movement and the struggle of workers in Iran and will only bring about the coming to the fore of the most extremist fundamentalist forces in Iran and strengthen their hand.

What is threatening the lives of the children of the US and Iranian people – indeed the lives of all of us – is an increase in tension in the region and Iran, our country, becoming a target of unwarranted military attacks by the White House.  We are determined to thoroughly defend peace and oppose a new war in the Middle East launched under any pretext and by either of the two sides.  In our assessment, the workers will not benefit from this war.  With the firing of the first salvo, real national interests and the security of the people of both countries will be endangered.  Your children and our children alike will be consumed in a war from which only the world’s capitalist concerns, and particularly the armaments manufacturing monopolies from capitalist countries, will stand to benefit.  This benefit will be pocketed by a few profit-seekers but will ultimately serve to endanger peace globally and in the already sensitive area of ​​the Middle East in particular.  One need only refer to the statistics of US casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq and the whole issue becomes clearer.

The questions remain…  Are the American people spared unemployment, and their associated social problems, through these wars?  Does the US health budget per capita increase as result of these conflicts?  Or is it in fact the case that the armament producing companies, and the companies managing recruitment of mercenary and private armies and the training of intelligence and security personnel, are pocketing astronomical benefits at the expense of your suffering and the deaths of your children dispatched to war?  Of course, the same questions generally apply to our country and people as well.

Dear Workers

Our trade union believes that silence cannot be an option, based on working-class experiences and traditions across the world.  Let’s join hands together at this time not only in opposing another war in the region but to protect our children and world peace.

Our mutual solidarity can give strength of heart to other strata and forces to join the massive peace movement and the campaign to prevent the start of a devastating war.

We believe that peace, democracy and social justice are the core demands that all the working people of the world struggle for.  We await your positive response.  Join with us in opposing any kind of jingoistic solution from either side.  Let’s stop the beast of war in its tracks.  We have common benefits and interests in doing so.

We wish you and the world genuine peace and great success in the campaign for ending the scourge of poverty and war.

The Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran

17 May 2019.

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