Not to privatize the Workers’ Welfare Bank!

On November 25, the complainant letter of 3 employees and retirees, number 73642554, was delivered to the Secretariat of the Social Supply Organization.  The text of the letter is as follows:

 Dear Chairman of the Social Supply Organization, Mr. Mirhashem Mousavi

 Hello, we, 2146 of the workers employed by the Social Supply Insurance and the retirees and pensioners  of this organization, who signed this petition, have been the main owners of the capital of the Workers’ Welfare Bank during the years of its establishment and  Its capital and the Workers’ Welfare Bank itself is an intergenerational reserve.  The Workers’ Welfare Bank is not state-owned property, and we, as part of the owners of this bank, protest against the privatization of this bank, and we ask you not to accept this illegal act.




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