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IndustriALL Global Union in solidarity with steelworkers at Ahvaz Steel in Iran

Dear Sisters and Brothers, I am writing this letter to you as General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union, representing more than fifty million workers in the mining, energy and manufacturing industries in 141 countries, to express our full support and solidarity with the steelworkers at the National Steel Industrial Group (Ahvaz Steel). Read more

25 November, Long Live International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women,

On November 25, women around the world raise their voice against the violence perpetrated by capitalist society, and consequently the family, the workplace, and education institutions, in a nationwide protest this gender injustice and c all for an immediate end to it.  All over the world, women suffer from verbal, behavioral, domestic, ethnic and, most brutally, systematic class violence prevalent in society.  This systematic violence is based on injustice in equal pay for men, discrimination in job positions, and the imposition of hard domestic work at home and the promotion of the second sex. Read more

There are many Alieh Eghdaam-doosts!

We have learned that friend of workers, Alieh Eghdaam-doost, has been arrested in her hometown of Fooman. Regardless of the reason for the arrest of this hard-working woman in her old age, she is reminiscent of a generation that still stands firm by her beliefs and strive for them.

For many years, Alieh Eghdaam-doost has become a familiar name for project workers. Her efforts for the working class, both in the retired/ pensioner sections and in the actual working members sections, are commendable. She has been a colleague amongst the project workers for many years, and workers have benefited from her advice, both in the field of training sessions on how to deal with the labour law and also in the field of managing the psychological well-being of workers in times of crisis. Read more

Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing Workers Strike!

According to the correspondent of Payam Syndika, on 17 November, the workers of the Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing Factory have been on strike and have been sitting in the factory premises. With rising inflation and the rising poverty line and the loss of working-class ability to pay for the essential goods, the strike is the only logical response to challenge inequality. Read more

Iran Khodro Tehran on strike!

According to the Payam Syndika reporter, after sending the pay slips of Iran Khodro workers in Tehran factory to their counterparts in Iran Khodro in Tabriz and their strike, the workers in Tehran were informed that there would be a job classification in Tabriz Iran Khodro factory. With this information, the workers of Tehran Iran Khodro factory started a hunger strike and boycotted the canteens. Read more

Not to privatize the Workers’ Welfare Bank!

On November 25, the complainant letter of 3 employees and retirees, number 73642554, was delivered to the Secretariat of the Social Supply Organization.  The text of the letter is as follows:

 Dear Chairman of the Social Supply Organization, Mr. Mirhashem Mousavi Read more

No to lawlessness and hunger! (100)

The campaign continues and is victorious!

Today, October 17th, in the process of following up on the contractors’ violations, a meeting was held with the officials of the oil company with the presence of Maziar Gilani Nejad, the representative of 2000 project workers. In this meeting, the names of several offender contractors were presented to these officials in detail.

Read more

No to lawlessness and hunger (99)

The campaign is successful!

Today, October 16th, 120 days have passed since the fierce struggle of the 10/20 campaign. 120 days when contractors did not hesitate to force workers to surrender, get fired, take hostage their wages, insult, blacklist, threaten. But the workers have shown that they have realized the power of their alliance and will no longer simply hand over their family fate to the predatory employers. During these 120 days, they did not give up all the possibilities of protest, including correspondence with MPs, the Minister of Oil and the Minister of Labor, to gather in their city, as well as appearing in front of the parliament and the oil company and negotiating with oil company officials. Collecting 2,000 signatures with Kadmeli, they elected Maziar Gilani Nejad as their representative to negotiate with the officials of the Oil Company and the Ministry of Labor. Today, we are pleased that a large number of workers have been employed in contracting companies, including Falatghareh, Payendan, Phase 14, Abadan Refinery, Bidboland Refinery, and more than 70 small contractors with approximately 10/10 campaign conditions. Although we know that there are still unscrupulous contractors who have refused to increase their workers’ wages and leave, the struggle is still going on. Read more

In solidarity with oil and gas workers

14 October 2021


Dear brothers and sisters,

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council delegates wish to express our support of the Iranian oil and petrochemical workers’ ongoing struggles.

We are a delegate based, city wide body of volunteers representing all trade unions in our city. We meet to discuss joint issues and to give support to workers in struggle. Read more

In solidarity with oil and gas workers and their Strike Campaign 1400 in Iran

Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI)

Islamic Republic of Iran

16th July 2021

Dear sisters and brothers,

I am writing this letter to you as the President of PTT Labour Union  to express our full support and solidarity with the members of the Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics in Iran (UMMI), as well as with all the workers at oil and gas projects and petrochemical plants, who have gone on strike in South Pars, in Tehran, and across Iran, involving at least 72 companies, as part of the coordinated action called Strike Campaign 1400. Read more