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Flogged and jailed: workers in Iran face repression


Seventeen workers from Agh Dareh gold mine in Iran were publicly flogged in May, while a prominent jailed union activist has embarked on a hunger strike.

Workers at the gold mine in the northwestern city of Tikaab were flogged after protesting against the firing of 350 of their colleagues. They each received between 30 and 99 lashes. Their employer filed a complaint against them for the protest action, and the sentence was carried out by the security services. Read more

Whipping the Manufacturing and the Back of the Workers

In the past three years, we repeatedly stated that the employers will do anything and everything to get rid of the labour activists. From the false promise of the Minster of Labour to workers of the Bafgh mine that “the security forces will not interfere with the strike”, to the High Judicial Office of Khuzestan what issued a statement that “…Gathering, and disrupting the order in the petrochemical companies is against the law and regulations and will be dealt with according to the laws.” (From ILNA, 23/11/2015) Read more

Free All Detained Trade Unionists in Kuwait

In Solidarity with the members and leaders of the Oil and Petrochemical Workers’ Confederation

On Sunday 17th April we received reports of recent attacks by the state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) and the government of Kuwait against workers in the oil sector in that country and their union, the Oil and Petrochemical Workers’ Confederation (OPIWC). Read more

Iranian workers struggle for justice


Maziyar Gilaninejhad of the Union of the Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI) talks about the challenges and struggles of Iranian workers, and the likely effects of the nuclear deal on the economy. Read more

The Message of the Nuclear Agreement [P5+1] for the Iranian Workers

During the last few days before the start of the meetings to determine the national minimum wage for the next year ( 21st March2016- 20th March 2017) we are witnessing:  Read more

Five Years of Continuous Action

We are starting the 6th year of the ‘Message of Syndicate’, the only workers’ periodical in Iran at a time that the labour news is at its forefront.  It has taken the efforts of many people to develop the ‘Message of Syndicate’ from brother Saleh to Millad. Step by step this publication became a voice of justice for the workers and has deepened its worker character. Read more

Editorial- Message of Syndicate

With the ending of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and 5+1 there has been an unprecedented increase in attacks on labour and civic activists. As we had anticipated the subject of [Iranian] cheap labour was part of the agreement in these negotiations. Read more

New Year Greetings – 2016!

Peace Picaso
The Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI) sends Season’s Greetings to
trade unions and workers’ organisations across the world campaigning for rights and better
working conditions and to all their members everywhere.
We hope that the year 2016 heralds peace, happiness, health and success in all
aspects of your lives.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your solidarity with Iranian workers
and trade unionists. Our dearest wish is that the future will be brighter and better for all of
Maziyar Gilaninejad
The Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran

For Peace in the Middle East

We have learned that a spectacular peace rally that was held in front
of the Ankara railway station on October 10th in response to the
invitation of trade unions and peace activists in Turkey was the
target of two terrorist attacks as a result of which regrettably more
than 100 peace-loving people were killed and many more were injured.
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Open letter from former trade union leaders and the Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI)


To:       Mr. Hassan Rouhani, the honorable President of Iran, and

Mr. Sadegh Larijani, the honorable Head of Judiciary

What is being done to the [Iran’s] labour community these days is very unfortunate. In fighting for their rights, labour activists not only for years have been sentenced to jail but also it is a couple of years now that they are being sentenced to lashing as well. Even recently the employers have dared to file grievances against their workers and workers’ representatives who have been fighting for the labour rights and demands, and have taken them to court and fired them.

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